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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I wish there was more to say, but like Nate said we don't really do much besides go to work and school. We had dinner with another FAA couple in our ward Anne and Parker today. They were asking what we've been doing for fun since we've been here, and honestly, we haven't done anything! Last Monday we went out to dinner with some of the couples in Nate's class who will also be working at SLC, but I think that's about it.
Work is still crumby, I'm trying to talk Nate into letting me quit. He said once I can replace my Wal Mart job I can quite. So, I've been applying to a bunch of different places -non have contacted me back. I was talking to Anne at dinner and she suggested substitute teaching, and I'm thinking about giving that a try.
The weather here has been SO crazy. There was a big snowstorm that came through on Friday -I guess it was a big deal. Anyway it snowed on and off Saturday and today it was super sun-shinny and warm! It reminded me of Utah a little bit.
One more thing before I go. They way people talk around here is so silly. No one speaks proper English. I've noticed a couple things:
1. People say "Oh, hush!" when they're getting made fun of.
2. At Wal Mart they have a meeting every morning at 9:00. "Where's the meein' thismornin.'"
It kinda sounds like they're saying smornin' (Nate also says this)
3. (My favorite) Everyone is "fixin'" to do something. Someones always fixin' to go to lunch.

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