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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, I've finally spilled the beans!
This is how I "spilled the beans" to my family the day after I got back to Utah. If family wasn't able to come over to actually see it, I just sent them a text.
It was kinda funny cause nobody was really surprised -of course they are excited but not very surprised. Once my dad saw me he said could tell I was pregnant. He was going to ask me but thought he wouldn't steal my thunder.
Nathan and I are super excited. We're going to get a wonderful early Christmas present. I'm really excited for Nate to be a daddy, he is going to be great. He is always so cute with all my nieces and nephews, and they all love him cause he plays with them. Hopefully he'll have enough energy with his new job to play with our kids.
Speaking of Nate's new job -HE PASSED HIS TEST! He took his final evaluation yesterday and did well. I had a nightmare the night before he took it that he didn't pass and got fired. I was reluctant to tell him but i just waited til after he passed.
So we have nothing but good news. Life is good.


  1. YAY for being pregnant!
    Yay for living in Utah!
    Yay for Nate passing his test!!
    Yay for such great news!!!

  2. Congrats! being pregnant is way fun, the end isnt so fun but trust me it will be worth it :D


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May 24, 2008