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Friday, February 4, 2011


I guess its time for a real post, so here is an update...
Gavin's birthday, November 27th:
I still can't believe this kid is ONE! He is getting so big and learning a lot. We had family over for a party. There were 38 people -not including Nate Gavin and my-self-  here at our little ol' house. There are a lot of people who love my baby, and that makes me happy.
He had fun digging into his cupcake. He was shy st first, but then went to town.

After the birthday party we went with Nate's side of the family to the Salt Lake Temple to see the Christmas lights. It was pretty cold but I think Gavin enjoyed it.

Gavin's first hair cut:
I just trimmed the much needed ends of the few pieces he has.
(sorry this first picture is blurry, daddy took it)

Christmas was really fun this year. Gavin saw that there were toys left out for him and actually showed excitement and raced to see what Santa brought.

This was Gavin's favorite toy Santa brought. It lasted about a month, and now he doesn't need it.
 After opening toys and playing, he was spent...
And last but certainly not least:
He's actually been walking for several weeks now, but I just haven't gotten around to announcing it. He's getting better every day. This deserves its own post, but here's pictures.
This kid LOVES books.
 He'll dig through ALL of his books and find one of his favorites, all of which are animal books, come bring it to me and sit on my lap.

Well I'm sure by now Gavin has destroyed my house, so bye for now.

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  1. Oh, he's walking!!! Thats so exciting!! LOve the picture of him asleep on the floor, so cute :)


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