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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here are some random pictures of our lives.... ok well mostly just Gavin's life.

Nate complained about not being in any of the rock climbing pictures from our family reunion, so here you go.

This was a while ago, I don't remember what upset him, but I think his face is pretty cute.

These next few are just some of the faces Gavin makes. He is too silly and makes me smile all day.

I let Gavin play with his food.... he got real messy.

So we had to have a bath.

While Nate's mom has been in town we've been doing a lot of fun stuff. One weekend we went to the mud races. The cars were SUPER loud.

This past weekend Nate and I went up to Logan UT for one of my good friends wedding. Isn't this such a beautiful Temple?

On our way home we stopped by some old friends of ours and they showed us their horses.

We met up with some of Nate's family and went and saw the movie Salt, and then went for ice cream. Gavin LOVES ice cream.

On Saturday I went on a hike with Vivian and her mom, brother, and sister. We saw a lot of pretty wild flowers.

I've tried to upload a video of Gavin laughing, but either my computer is too slow or I'm too impatient. Maybe another day...

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  1. What beautiful pictures!! I love Gavins facial expressions, ha ha. The bath pictures were adorable! And I am wondering, having grown up in the Church why I have never seen a picture of that temple before!


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