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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

32 weeks

Quick update on our little rascal. He's more and more active everyday; I can tell he's getting really strong, because its starting to hurt A LOT whenever he moves. He's most active at night -when I'm trying to fall asleep of course! We have a war every night on who gets to occupy the space next to my ribs. He's just about as stubborn as I am, but I usually just let him win. :)31 weeks

Two of my favorite outfits I've gotten the baby. In the top picture the shirt has a pattern of airplanes, and in the bottom just a picture of a plane. Because his daddy helps airplanes fly safely, his grandpa fly airplanes, and his great grandpa use to fly airplanes, I knew I had to buy them.

32 weeks. I'm finally starting to feel pregnant. My belly is big enough now that it limits me in being as active as I'm use to, which is kinda annoying, but its totally worth it.


  1. you're too cute, you should have seen how large i was at 32 weeks! good girl!

  2. Those outfits are cute. I am sure as a little boy he will love airplanes because of his dad and grandpa and great grandpa. You are cute pregnant. Hang in there, it will come to an end shortly.

  3. You are such a cute pregnant girl! I think I looked like that at 20 weeks!!

  4. You are pretty much the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen! You look awesome! And to top it off you have the cutest outfits! I'm so excited for you. =D


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